Friday, September 26, 2008

Speaking of Scarves

I took this picture last week when I tried hanging scarves from my new display tree. The tree is made from weathered wrought iron and was purchased from my friends at Bee Hollow in Mascoutah. I really love the way my scarves look hanging from it. Add a little breeze and some sunshine and it is a great way to show my hand dyed scarves.
Stepping in dog poop added a little bit of fun to the trial run especially since I didn't notice it until I'd tracked it into my studio. On the bright side my floors needed mopping anyway.
Into each life a little poop must stick.
Be well be happy ... remember these are the Sweet and sometimes fragrant Years.

Owl Song

I took my morning coffee out to my back porch early this morning and the owls began calling in a chain of hoots that moved throughout the woods. I wasn't aware there were so many owls in the area. To heighten the magic of the morning the moon was rising. What a wonderful way to start the day!

I had to find out more about why they were doing this long chain of hoots as it seemed like some form of communication. A little research took me to the owl pages where I read that owls are starting their mating season and the sound of their hoots are both territorial and give each other and the female owl information as to their size. In addition to the hoots of the males I heard the higher pitched screech of a couple of females... love is in the air !

I leave today for the Rend Lake Art and Wine Festival in Sesser, Illinois the weather looks great for the weekend. Stop by if you are in the area. My scarves will be fluttering to gentle breezes and there will be music, sunshine and wine. I will have art quilts on display and will be taking my sewing machine to demonstrate free motion quilting. I love doing this people ask so many great questions.

This morning owl song is a great start to the day!

Remember these are the Sweet Years !

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Common Ground

It's Not Your Granny's Quilt Show --
Maves Art Center
Greenville College

Opens Sept 26, 5-9
Closes Oct 19

This web site has a map to the venue.

The show opens Friday September 26th and promises to be a good one.... lots of great artists ! Meet some of the artists Friday night.... Just not me....I will be at Rend Lake preparing for the art and wine festival so I will be unable to attend the opening.

Remember Saturday and Sunday the Rend Lake festival has art, wine, live music and great food.

An opportunity to dance!

Be well remember these are.... The Sweet Years!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Upcoming Schedule of Events

Have you wondered where I've been?

I have been keeping a hectic schedule lately preparing for upcoming shows and art fairs
and have been dyeing and painting scarves, printing some t-shirts and working on some textile art for the wall.

They are as follows:

Smart Women Smart Money
8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, September 18
Four Points Sheraton,
319 Fountain Parkway,
Heights, Illinois

9th Annual Art and Wine Festival Festival
September 27 & 28

Southern Illinois Art Center
14967 Gun Creek Trail
Whittington , Il

It's Not Your Granny's Quilt Show
Maves Art Center
Greenville College
Opens September 26 5-9
Closes October 19th
Group Show

Circle of Health Wellness Center
700 A South Illinois
Belleville , Illinois
Opening reception October 19th from 1-6
Solo show

Mascoutah Fall Festival
October 25th and 26th
Bee Hollow Market
217 East Main Street
Mascoutah, Illinois

Main Street Art Gallery
Opens Friday November 7 through November 29
239 N Main Street
Edwardsville, IL
Group show

I would love to see you at any or all of these events if you are in the area!

Now you know where I've been... and where I'll be... how about you?

Remember the Sweet Years are upon us
and dancing brings life to your life.
Shake a hip!

Be well!