Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time for a Cool Change

Remember the song by Little River Band... I do it is an old favorite.

This line keeps going through my head the past few days.

If there is one thing in my life that's missing it's the time that I spend alone....

I know it is necessary for my well being to have at least an hour alone everyday. How about you do you crave alone time? Find it hard to find the space in your day?

The holidays make it harder because everyone is home...nobody goes to work or school. Hosting guests is both enjoyable and tiring.... preparing a house is a lot of work but pleasing when it is finished. Not much time for silence and I feel it in my impatience with conversation and noise.

Tomorrow we all go back to work and school and the routines in an everyday week.

The cool change for me is about making time for silence and creativity both things necessary to my well being. If I can be silent and creative at the same time this is an added joy.

So my goal before the new year arrives is to better define my goals as an artist and build a better schedule for my time so that the alone, creative and silent time I need is present everyday.

How about you .... do you get enough silence?

Be well.... be silent and see what arises?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Current Events

Main Street Art Gallery
Opens Friday November 7 through November 29
239 N Main Street
Edwardsville, IL
Group show this show will run until November 29th this is a beautiful gallery!

Next up in my schedule is an opening on November 28th.

Art Coop's Fire Sale 7-11 2720 North 14th Street this is a silent auction with an opportunity to buy work from 33 artists. I will have 3 pieces of art to sell.

My hand dyed silk scarves and discharge dyed t-shirts are selling like crazy let me know if you want to purchase one for a Christmas gift. I will start working on some special Christmas orders as soon as I get a day that the temperatures get out of the 30's.

Don't forget the SAQA auction this is a great time to purchase an art piece and support SAQA !

Friday, November 21st - Price drops to $550
Saturday, November 22nd - Price drops to $450
Sunday, November 23rd - Price drops to $350
Monday, November 24th - Price drops to $250
Tuesday, November 25th - Price drops to $150
Wednesday, November 26th - Price drops to $75

All for now! Enjoy the weekend!

Be well and dance knowing you are living Your Sweet Years!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

SAQA Square Foot Auction

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the bidding to start at 2:00 Eastern/11:00 Pacific on Monday, November 10th, just in time for holiday gift-giving. We’ll again be dividing the pieces into three groups for the auction – final groupings will be determined once all the auction pieces have been received. The auction for Group I will begin November 10th. Group II will begin November 18th. And Group III will begin November 28th. Please support SAQA by bidding in November. Start planning your bidding now!

It is always interesting to see how this turns out. My donated piece is on page 3a if you want to look for it.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Catching up to My Life

Today I have been enjoying the first of 3 days off in a row. I have enjoyed a quiet day at home making soup and catching up with some cleaning that was long overdue and hope to finish over the weekend sounds like a grim way to spend time off from work but it feels good to see the surfaces in my studio again. I had intended to sit down and work on a piece that has been taunting me from my design wall since I returned from the Focus on Fiber retreat in April... yes I said April this rate I can finish it when I return there this March. I sat down to do some free motion quilting on George but it was not to be the piles of shirts and scarves and fabrics were more than I could take so I got to work cleaning instead. It is nearly 3:00 pm and I am still in my pajamas soon I'll be donning artist clothes to go enjoy some time with some fellow artists. I look forward to meeting them and seeing the gallery exhibit.

Tuesday I hung my newest discharge dyed shirts along a clothesline in my front yard it was a warm sunny day and the view from my porch was wonderful. The shirts looked great hanging among the trees. I have these shirts hanging for sale in a couple local galleries and also by e-mail request. Tonight the gallery opening is at the Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, Illinois. My website has the address.
That's all for today.

Thank you for the time you spent here!

Enjoy the weekend... I know I will !
Remember these are the Sweet Years and live them to the fullest!
Of course if you get the chance... dance or better yet... create the chance to dance ... shake a hip, tap a foot or nod your head in time to the music.

Bye for now! Be well!