Thursday, December 25, 2008

Playing Santa

Merry Christmas!

It sure is getting easier to play Santa! My kids are still sleeping at 8:45 am and the stockings were filled in bright morning light.

We always have Calzones for Christmas Eve dinner and Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning my bread machine gets a workout one day a year. My brother Tim gave me the bread machine 13 years ago for Christmas and it has held up nicely to this yearly ritual. The Cinnamon Rolls are rising and will be spilling over the pan by the time gifts are opened. The way it is looking today they might spill over the pan before the gifts are opened. We are making noise and taking no special care to be quiet.... I wonder how late they stayed up last night.

Today I am determined to learn to knit while we watch It's a Wonderful Life.

My daughter and I will cook Jamabalaya for dinner. We will play Nerts this evening.

Enjoy the day grateful for gift of this day spent with family and reach out to those who are spending the day missing a loved one. Life is a present we get to open everyday.

These are the Sweet Years ..... live them with enthusiasm!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Days Hold so much Possibility.

We are having a snow day....not much snow but it was icy enough to call off school. I took the day off work so I could enjoy the time with my kids. It is an opportunity I don't get very often and as they get older and closer to college it is not lost on me what a gift this day is.

It will be a pajama morning... a lazy daughter is cozied up in my bed with the book Edgar Sawtelle. My son has a cold and is full of chicken soup and under a blanket on the couch behind me. They both finished papers for school last night and are happy they don't have any homework today.

I will do some quilting on my latest piece and give my Bernina a test run to try out a new update and see if it is a happy machine after it 's recent cleaning.

Making stamps is one of my favorite steps of discharge dyeing. Usually I use things I find in nature or bits and pieces of metal I find in the shed that the previous owners left behind. I have these great big sheets of Styrofoam I want to burn with a woodburner so I can make make my own designs. Perhaps if they get the ice cleaned off the road we will have an adventure and head to town for some lunch and a woodburner for me to use. If not I can always get out the lino tile and carving knives and do some this way. My son will love doing this with me and I will use his stamps in my work... he has great creative talent. My daughter will enjoy using the stamps with fabric paint.

It is starting to feel like the Christmas season.
We found a lovely tree yesterday it has a wonderful scent. My husband says we are late bloomers when it comes to Christmas . I think we don't like to rush into it! We keep our tree up a long time so we don't want to get it too early. After Christmas and New Years a house really needs the cheer of tree lights to brighten up the rest of the winter.

A unexpected day of doing whatever we want... what a treat!

Be well and enjoy your day!

Here.... we are grateful for a snow day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work Delivered

I have recently delivered work to the New By Design Boutique, Gallery, and working studio.

By Design
136 Front St
Alton IL 62002


My newest discharge dyed tees , hand dyed scarves, and wall art are available for purchase along with the textile work of numerous textile artists from the area.

Lillian Bates owner of this shop is a clothing designer and has created a beautiful space to work and play.... I am guessing she would call this play as she certainly seemed to be having fun when the artists gathered for a photo shoot. Photos are not my favorite thing but the beautiful boa I wore from the shop helped a lot! The photos and Lillian's clothing can be seen at her website in a few days.

Be well and remember.... these are the Sweet Years!