Thursday, December 25, 2008

Playing Santa

Merry Christmas!

It sure is getting easier to play Santa! My kids are still sleeping at 8:45 am and the stockings were filled in bright morning light.

We always have Calzones for Christmas Eve dinner and Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning my bread machine gets a workout one day a year. My brother Tim gave me the bread machine 13 years ago for Christmas and it has held up nicely to this yearly ritual. The Cinnamon Rolls are rising and will be spilling over the pan by the time gifts are opened. The way it is looking today they might spill over the pan before the gifts are opened. We are making noise and taking no special care to be quiet.... I wonder how late they stayed up last night.

Today I am determined to learn to knit while we watch It's a Wonderful Life.

My daughter and I will cook Jamabalaya for dinner. We will play Nerts this evening.

Enjoy the day grateful for gift of this day spent with family and reach out to those who are spending the day missing a loved one. Life is a present we get to open everyday.

These are the Sweet Years ..... live them with enthusiasm!


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