Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stormy Weather

Severe Storms in our forecast today. I love stormy weather!

Today we will get to see if our new French drain keeps the water out of the house.

I have been busy dyeing my spring line of scarves and trying out some new tee shirt designs.

My latest art quilt is finished and will soon be delivered to it's new owner.

Spring is around the next corner I feel it!

Enjoy the day and.... if it rains go puddle jumping!

Remember these are the Sweet Years even if you are soaking wet...especially then!

Dance and then dance some more that's what hips are for...hey that rhymed!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Rain Must Fall

This little art quilt is titled Under the Sea it measures about 12 by 15 inches. It is for sale today in honor of the rain for 75.00.

Spring in February and we have the rains to show it. I love having 70 degree temperatures mid winter. I was able to get 18 shirts discharge dyed and 3 scarves dyed on Monday afternoon.

I used the microwave to steam the scarves and this is definitely a process that needs refining as my microwave runs too hot. The scarf colors came out beautifully in spite of my wonky microwave but I really had to alter the cooking time.

Our basement is wanting to leak again so we are holding the water back with a wild looking contraption my husband built. What fun! Brad was up all night on water watch ...I get the day shift at least.

Our contractor who LAST WEEK and now THIS WEEK is supposed to be fixing this flooding problem has hurt his knee we wait.... and wait...and wait some more.

I am hoping the rains slow down so I can finish up my latest piece instead of pushing water around with a broom. I go to the photographer tomorrow afternoon and I really need this piece to be finished.

I have a goal to post new pictures by Friday night so you can see the new work.

Be well and remember these are the Sweet Years.... even when it rains and your basement leaks.