Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Glow of 25 Years

             Married 25 years...seems like such a long time... it sure went by quickly!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Apology Required

I am long past the days of apologizing for not posting here more regularly. It is an easy decision I can either be creating or wrestling with my computer and creating usually wins wins over housecleaning as well which is why you don't get invited to our house unless we have 2 days notice to clean. There is an exception to this rule ...those of you who also let clutter win and I have seen it with my own eyes you know who you are. There are those out there who tell me their house is a mess and not to worry about it. I have seen their house when they are calling it a disaster and it is clear to me we don't share the same view on what a clean house looks like. I suspect a few minutes in the clutter palace (aka our home) might cause them discomfort. So sparing them this suffering seems to me to be the best course of action. Unless of course they want to come out and help me reorganize the studio.
I'll pay with artwork.

Working Studio
I am selfish with my time since I started working part-time. I call it the paycheck I can count on. It helps with some bills and keeps me in art supplies.  Friends are saying they never see me. I would have to say Paul Seibert from Straightup Magazine sees me more than anyone... Brad and I see him every time we are out in the world usually involving live local music, Cardinal baseball at 10th Street Baking Company (although we always seem to jink the broadcast) and local art events. Paul offered me the cover of his magazine and an opportunity to be a featured artist in his magazine. His staff writer Kathy Sax came out to my studio and believe me there was some tidying in advance! She took pictures and wrote a lovely piece. Paul even delivered me some copies of the magazine in the middle of a severe storm to 10th Street Baking Co where the Cardinal game was in rain delay...sorry Don!

Thank You to Paul and Kathy it was fun.

If you are interested here is the link to the article.

A Thread of the Everyday World

Proving my point that good things happen on the beach... while there  I learned  On View magazine was covering the Art Cloth Networks Illumination exhibit and had selected 4 artists to showcase in the article:  Joy Lavrencik, Linda Dawson, Barbara Schneider and Jacque Davis. Believe me I had a bit of a tingle when I went to On View to see what they were about and saw a review of a Dale Chilhuly exhibit. The magazine wrote an exceptional article about art cloth perhaps one of the best descriptions I have ever seen. To see the article follow the link. For those of you traveling to Florida it is a great resource if you like to visit art galleries.


I'll keep the clutter palace alive, continue making art, enjoying live music, baseball, art shows and running into Paul.