Friday, May 8, 2009

Fiber Art Alliance Announcement

This picture is a detail of my new work Spring Unraveled to see the whole piece visit here...

Each member of the Alliance has committed to creating four pieces of art a year.

The entire collection will be available Spring 2010 to travel for exhibit in galleries until then each group will be shown online as it is completed.

I do hope you'll stop and see our first collection of work we are excited about it.

Be well and remember these are the Sweet Years and don't forget the woman who made that possible.... Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunrise Beach Love

Beach walk at sunrise...there are not words to describe my love of these mornings.Perhaps these pictures captured my tell me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost Ready

There is nothing more forlorn than a dye studio with all it's tools gone.

I have never been known for my skills at packing light and this trip is no exception.

I can't seem to leave anything behind.... just in case I need it.

Tonight I will pack up some sewing tools and fabric in case I print a marvelous piece of cloth and have to sew on it right now. That will be another load of stuff I can't leave behind.

Good thing I am driving my van!

I will pick up Rosie in Paducah Friday morning and we will hit the road.

Speaking of Rosie I will leave you some room for your things... I promise.

Most importantly the dance music is ready!

The Sweet Years are Here !

Be well and enjoy today.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Pisces is headed for the open road

It seems fitting that my new art quilt is fish related since it is the season of the Pisces. I am a Pisces as well as my mom, my sister, my son, my father in law , and several of my friends.

It is good to be a fish! So good!

I am busy preparing for my annual trip to the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the a Focus on Fiber Artists retreat where I will spend a week with a group of wonderful textile artists. I plan to screen print, dye fabric, and discharge some tee shirts. I am traveling with my sweet friend Rosemary with the best smile I have seen in a long time and I haven't seen hers for a year. We will drive a van full of goodies for our creative play. Chef Sue will cook our meals and we will play uninterrupted until we stop for yoga and dance each day.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful with dream studios for every kind of artist.

I will lead the dance in the afternoons and I have some raucous new music that will get everybody's hips shaking! I can't wait... Gabrielle Roth has done it again with her new CD's Jhoom, and The Zone Unknown. If I have enough room I will take my new Djembe drum and practice in the music studio. Let me tell you this the rhythm in my hips did not make it to my hands I am a terrible drummer!

I am busy making lists and packing all my favorite tools ...trying to be good and not pack too much.

I am so looking forward to some Florida sunshine, creative play, conversation with other artists, and some group dance. Dancing with my dogs watching is not quite a group.

Be well and know come Friday the 20th I'll be driving down the road Rosie by my side and we will be smiling and maybe even singing if Rosie doesn't mind the worst singer ever heard!

So now you know the truth I can't sing , I can't drum but I love it anyway!

These are the sweet years after all and I don't intend to forget it for a minute.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stormy Weather

Severe Storms in our forecast today. I love stormy weather!

Today we will get to see if our new French drain keeps the water out of the house.

I have been busy dyeing my spring line of scarves and trying out some new tee shirt designs.

My latest art quilt is finished and will soon be delivered to it's new owner.

Spring is around the next corner I feel it!

Enjoy the day and.... if it rains go puddle jumping!

Remember these are the Sweet Years even if you are soaking wet...especially then!

Dance and then dance some more that's what hips are for...hey that rhymed!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Rain Must Fall

This little art quilt is titled Under the Sea it measures about 12 by 15 inches. It is for sale today in honor of the rain for 75.00.

Spring in February and we have the rains to show it. I love having 70 degree temperatures mid winter. I was able to get 18 shirts discharge dyed and 3 scarves dyed on Monday afternoon.

I used the microwave to steam the scarves and this is definitely a process that needs refining as my microwave runs too hot. The scarf colors came out beautifully in spite of my wonky microwave but I really had to alter the cooking time.

Our basement is wanting to leak again so we are holding the water back with a wild looking contraption my husband built. What fun! Brad was up all night on water watch ...I get the day shift at least.

Our contractor who LAST WEEK and now THIS WEEK is supposed to be fixing this flooding problem has hurt his knee we wait.... and wait...and wait some more.

I am hoping the rains slow down so I can finish up my latest piece instead of pushing water around with a broom. I go to the photographer tomorrow afternoon and I really need this piece to be finished.

I have a goal to post new pictures by Friday night so you can see the new work.

Be well and remember these are the Sweet Years.... even when it rains and your basement leaks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

As requested...tee shirt pictures...discharge dyed and hand painted

These shirts have been hand painted using formosul a discharge chemical. I love the mystery of this process you never know how it will look until it has been steamed and washed. No two shirts are exactly alike.

I sell these shirts for 20.00 for a short sleeve tee and 25.00 for the long sleeve. This does not include shipping which usually runs about 2.50.

If you would like to purchase one you can find a selection at Oregon Trail Roasting Co. in Belleville, Illinois or at By Design Gallery in Alton, Illinois. Otherwise I can be reached at my e-mail to arrange shipping.

Stay tuned more pictures soon.

Okay girls you have your pictures!

Be well and remember these are the Sweet Years!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

Toward Home 2008

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season... I had a great time visiting with friends and family. We hosted a New Years pajama party it sure was nice to be comfortable all evening.

I learned to knit a simple scarf and have one in process. My daughter is almost finished with her third scarf.... she is a very fast knitter. Today she is home sick after a fainting this morning mid shower. We suspect flu dehydration but will be seeing a doctor this afternoon to make sure. She is currently feverish and on the couch reading Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I am enjoying the unexpected day off from my coffee shop job while keeping an eye on Savannah and doing some research on dyeing silk.

Saturday my husband and I sat down for a lengthy assessment of my work processes and I learned a lot and will be making some BIG CHANGES in my work space and work schedule. This was really interesting and also something I resisted a long time... now that we have started I don't know why I waited so long. Process improvement will only help me become a better artist and will determine my new work space requirements, and future investments in some remodeling of our home to allow me to work here rather than leasing a space. This is very exciting! Stay tuned for pictures. I am looking for contractors to begin work as soon as possible.

My line of discharge dyed tee- shirts continues to sell well and I am developing new designs for Spring.

The art quilt pictured in this blog sold just before Christmas.... I will miss it as it is one of my favorites.

I am hoping you enjoyed the season.

Be well and remember these are the " Sweet Years"