Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost Ready

There is nothing more forlorn than a dye studio with all it's tools gone.

I have never been known for my skills at packing light and this trip is no exception.

I can't seem to leave anything behind.... just in case I need it.

Tonight I will pack up some sewing tools and fabric in case I print a marvelous piece of cloth and have to sew on it right now. That will be another load of stuff I can't leave behind.

Good thing I am driving my van!

I will pick up Rosie in Paducah Friday morning and we will hit the road.

Speaking of Rosie I will leave you some room for your things... I promise.

Most importantly the dance music is ready!

The Sweet Years are Here !

Be well and enjoy today.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Pisces is headed for the open road

It seems fitting that my new art quilt is fish related since it is the season of the Pisces. I am a Pisces as well as my mom, my sister, my son, my father in law , and several of my friends.

It is good to be a fish! So good!

I am busy preparing for my annual trip to the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the a Focus on Fiber Artists retreat where I will spend a week with a group of wonderful textile artists. I plan to screen print, dye fabric, and discharge some tee shirts. I am traveling with my sweet friend Rosemary with the best smile I have seen in a long time and I haven't seen hers for a year. We will drive a van full of goodies for our creative play. Chef Sue will cook our meals and we will play uninterrupted until we stop for yoga and dance each day.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful with dream studios for every kind of artist.

I will lead the dance in the afternoons and I have some raucous new music that will get everybody's hips shaking! I can't wait... Gabrielle Roth has done it again with her new CD's Jhoom, and The Zone Unknown. If I have enough room I will take my new Djembe drum and practice in the music studio. Let me tell you this the rhythm in my hips did not make it to my hands I am a terrible drummer!

I am busy making lists and packing all my favorite tools ...trying to be good and not pack too much.

I am so looking forward to some Florida sunshine, creative play, conversation with other artists, and some group dance. Dancing with my dogs watching is not quite a group.

Be well and know come Friday the 20th I'll be driving down the road Rosie by my side and we will be smiling and maybe even singing if Rosie doesn't mind the worst singer ever heard!

So now you know the truth I can't sing , I can't drum but I love it anyway!

These are the sweet years after all and I don't intend to forget it for a minute.