Friday, September 26, 2008

Speaking of Scarves

I took this picture last week when I tried hanging scarves from my new display tree. The tree is made from weathered wrought iron and was purchased from my friends at Bee Hollow in Mascoutah. I really love the way my scarves look hanging from it. Add a little breeze and some sunshine and it is a great way to show my hand dyed scarves.
Stepping in dog poop added a little bit of fun to the trial run especially since I didn't notice it until I'd tracked it into my studio. On the bright side my floors needed mopping anyway.
Into each life a little poop must stick.
Be well be happy ... remember these are the Sweet and sometimes fragrant Years.

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Spillar said...

"Into each life a little poop must stick".....

Now that's a quote to remember. I just don't know when I would ever use it!

Have a great weekend