Thursday, April 8, 2010

Threads of Mine

Threads of Mine is a abstract textile interpretation of underground mining. In March my friend Gary and I displayed this exhibit at Governor French Gallery in Belleville, IL.

Fugitive Dust is a term companies use to describe mine dust that escapes the mine. Coal mining towns used to get a grimy appearance. This piece of discharged cloth was perfect for making this piece.Mining companies have gone to great lengths to clean up this type of pollution in the mining process.

Fugitive Dust
21 x 20

Stand Alone ( right hand column) was inspired by the writings of miners who described taking off their protective outer clothing at the end of a shift, so many of them wrote "My pants were so grimy they would stand alone" This was such a great image I had to create my own stand alone pants. Using a product called STIFFY to wet the pants. Geez ... this is starting to sound a bit weird! I put the folds of the cloth where I wanted them and let them harden and then painted them to get he grimy coal dust appearance.
Stand Alone
33W 32 L

Mining is dangerous work and we all owe so much to miners who are willing to work so that we might have comfortable homes. The latest tragedy in West Virginia is one of many mining disasters throughout history and my heart goes out to the families and miners living in this community. I wish them comfort today and the days ahead.

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LynnDel said...

Wow! That must have required a lot of Stiffy! Love it!