Monday, April 21, 2008

Focus on fiber 2008 more pictures

We are nearly 2 weeks home from ACA and I am still missing my SOC's.

Deb Jones shows her exuberance ! Her work is really intricate and beautiful. I really enjoyed watching her process. She sold me the most lovely set of scissors. I love using them they feel great in my hand.

I am contemplating using them to hack up the piece I started at the retreat. One of those days ...time to set it aside for a bit.

I won't today... but I might tomorrow!

I love this picture of Heidi she was in a rush to get to work... maybe. I'll never tell! Heidi and I had some great conversations about life, art, and marriage.

Her work is bright and colorful and really resonates with me. After sharing some long life stories it became clear where some of our influences came from.

Today was a beautiful day in the woods. I spent it outside painting some scarves and caught up with a friend I hadn't spoken to in a couple years we had one of our good long conversations and I loved hearing her big wonderful laugh... Thanks Lynster!

This morning I danced to my new Gabrielle Roth music Zone Unknown it is a a wonderful bit of music joyful fun! I am tempted to dance outside the weather is so lovely. Now wouldn't that be something !

Be well and if you get a chance... dance ! You'll be glad you did!


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