Monday, April 14, 2008

Focus on Fiber 2008

I am home from my trip to Florida the grounds are home to lots of these little guys. This one posed for me. Another one tried to spend the night in my room and I have to say it was a lot of fun catching him after a couple glasses of wine.

The grounds were beautiful and I did not get enough ( any ) pictures of them if you want to see what the center looks like you can go to the website.

I am waiting for next years date so I can reserve my place.

There are so many benefits to creating in an environment designed for artists the studios were well lit and roomy. I spent some time in an outdoor studio dyeing some fabric with tissue paper I'll take some pictures and post them soon. I also worked on a very time consuming fused piece.... UGH! I won't do that again! Next year I will plan something totally different.

Our meals were cooked for us by a lovely lady named Sue attempts were made to get a picture but she is a little camera shy. The food was excellent and I managed to lose a few pounds in spite of the food, dessert, and wine. Perhaps the daily yoga and dancing helped.

Mary announced to the group our first night that I would be teaching dance every day !! This was news to me... shy me... self conscious about dancing in front of my dog me...ME! We danced outside in the amphitheater ... outside where anyone could watch. The first few minutes of the first day were pretty stressful for me and I could only guess what those who were dancing for their first time in the middle of the afternoon ... sober.. were experiencing. We all survived and really enjoyed it... every day people became more relaxed and free in their movements it was really fun ! I am no longer afraid to dance in front of others a bonus for me... thank you Mary!
I am not posting any dancing pictures I have some and I know there are others out there but ladies please... let's not go there! What happens at ACA stays at ACA!
I did take some pictures and will send more in the next few days.

Here is Linda's pretty face and on the other end her broken toe ...this injury did not occur at the retreat she was stepped on by a horse... OUCH!
Linda danced and did yoga with this toe. That is
very brave.

These three created some beautiful cloth it was very interesting to watch them at work.

Dancing with them was so much fun!

Kathie has some experience belly dancing and really dances beautifully.

Kathie, Mary Kay, and Patricia

Rosemary was the first person Debbie and I saw when we arrived after a long day of travel she was beaming and didn't stop the whole week.

It was great to meet Rosemary she is a lovely lady! Such a generous and tender heart!

She does wonderful work and I loved seeing her process.

She is also a great dancer!

Rosemary Claus- Gray

Linda is such a spirited lady! I love her! We feel like old friends meeting after a long separation and I am so glad to know her!
P. S. I keep your XO where I can see them.

Life back home has been full of surprises we had more flooding this derailed my trip to Chicago for IQF. I bailed water and reorganized my studio this was long overdue and it is nice to work in. I cleaned out the dust!

Our furnace decided to retire permanently so we are in the market for another one. It has been cold but today it was warmer outside than in so perhaps spring is really on the way.

Now if we could get our mower working I could do my favorite thing... mow!

I am busy preparing for my show at the Governor French Academy Art Center Gallery. I am putting the finishing touches some new pieces to hang there.

So as you see lots to keep me busy!

I'll keep posting pictures of the retreat as I get a chance. You'll have to excuse my lack of skill in posting them I'll figure it out with practice.

Be well and if you get the chance... dance!

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Heidi Miracle-McMahill said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Jacque! Helps me relieve the wonderful moments of the retreat. I'm definitely going to figure out how to get myself there again next year.