Friday, March 28, 2008

Walker Sister Cabin

Some of you have requested Walker sister cabin pictures.

Isn't that a great front porch?
This is the view as you approach the cabin.

This is the end of a log at the corner of the cabin. Isn't it a marvelous pattern. You don't even want to know how many pictures of log ends I took. I have big plans for them ! They are in keeping with my current work... see the circular pattern moving toward the center? It brings to mind my recent quilt titled Black Hole which was made before this trip and reminds me that the brain never forgets a lovely pattern!

It is interesting to me that several years after Lynn and I first had a picnic at this cabin Brad and I bought a square cut log cabin with big porches. I must of liked it. Perhaps I am kin to the Walker sisters. It didn't occur to me until I went back this trip that it bears some similarities to my current home.

I love the peaceful energy of this place and the history of the Walker sisters who endured some hardships and appeared to have thrived as best you could during the time they were alive. They grew and sold herbs to locals and tourists. The stories about them fascinate me and I'll have to read them again.

I wonder if they danced in the moonlight ! I hope they did it was a lovely place for it.

Be well... enjoy the weekend... and dance if you get the chance !

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Anonymous said...

Hi jacque, a hello back to you! I do like the log end photo. We are kindred spirits in what we see and photograph. It was a joy to meet you, to dance with you, and to see so many of the artists join in and become more free and bonded to each other. Sisters of the cloth! Keep in touch! Rosie