Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Snow Day

This morning the snow fell in pellets it made a wonderful sound as it landed.

Now big soft flakes are falling. My
favorite kind of snow.
A bright red Cardinal came to my back door this morning he was after some pumpkin seeds Lynn left out for the squirrel who was tearing up my woven doormat. Evidently squirrels like door mat better than pumpkin seeds. My guess is the squirrel is using my door mat to soften his or her nest.
This morning I danced while my kids slept in I was distracted knowing they were home so it was not easy to relax into it that quiet place I love so much. Kids never sleep in on a snow day!
My plan to work on my homework for Liz Berg's class had to be put on hold. I need some quiet to do my assignments. I think I'll start cleaning my studio instead. Tomorrow will be another day.
Did anyone out there try danicng? I hope so even though I was distracted this morning it was a wonderful way to start the day.

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