Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Isaac's Birthday and Painting from your Soul class

This boy is now 15 !

He is still just as cute as he was then!
Such a great personality I am proud of him!

I like his hair better now!

Happy Birthday Isaac! I love you!

He reads my blog.


We had a great celebration invited some special family friends. Isaac chose homemade pizza and then surprised me by requesting pecan pie. I decided I'd make it from scratch... my first time EVER. Let's just say there are reasons I am not a baker annnnd I'll be happy when I get my new oven (remember my birthday present).

So Isaac's birthday kept me busy .... my class report was delayed a bit.... so here goes the Painting from the Soul report.

First of all those who know me know this class was perfect for me!
It was wonderful! I loved it!

Jan Groenemann is really a lovely person. The classroom space was bright and comfortable.

I hope to teach some classes there in the next few months.

There were 2 of us who were fiber artists and the rest of the class were painters so it was very fun for me to see so people at work painting. I also enjoyed spending the day with other members of the artist guild I belong to. I think the group as a whole was really pleased with the class.

Jan had brought a variety of rocks, shells, and driftwood we chose something we were attracted to to work with for the day. I chose a shell with a very distinct spiral . The spiral has been showing up a lot in my work lately... you might of noticed. I was curious to find out why. We did a series of exercises to get us to really see and experience our item .

Here is my piece done in fabric before I rolled it up to bring home at the end of the day. My background fabric I dyed using tissue paper and the rest of the fabric is a combination of batiks and hand -dyed fabrics. As I do more work on it I'll take some close-ups. The hand -dyed fabrics were a gift so I don't know the dyer but the colors are rich and beautiful.

I had a very significant emotional experience during the guided imagery portion of the exercises. I tried to capture that in fabric. I look forward to bringing it to life with thread.
The name will tell the story but you will have to wait!

Working from your soul with intention is really powerful. I look forward to seeing how my work changes in the days and weeks to come.
I would highly recommend Jan's class to anyone who is interested in experiencing the act of creating in a new way.

This class took me back to my days of working as a hypnotherapist ...work I miss very much at times. It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of a guided imagery. Jan really did a great job in spite of the numerous noises that erupted in the building while we were relaxing deeply. I told her it is the law of inner work... all the noises in and around the room have to be heard the minute you start guiding a relaxation.

Be well... breathe... stretch yourself ...and if you get the chance... dance!

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