Monday, March 3, 2008

Black hole

Black Hole

Here is the new piece I am working on today it is based on the Fast Friday Challenge I hosted this month. The challenge was to name and THEN created a piece based on the subject line of a SPAM e-mail.

I have saved SPAM e-mails since 2001... not every single one.... but there are some that are funny and evoke a mental picture.... not always x-rated!!! I enjoy playing with the words especially if you get your mind out of the gutter.

We have had lively discussion so much potential for humor! I am pleased that so many people enjoyed the challenge of naming a piece and then creating it based on SPAM.

My challenge piece was not the one I expected to make all these years but instead based on a visual I kept seeing when I was dancing last week.

It is made with hand -dyed fabric and misty fuse. Tomorrow I'll start quilting it. I am thinking circular motion or radiating lines.

I am really enjoying this one. After my big push the last couple weeks to get ready for my show it is nice to have the show hung and feel some space in my life for new projects and old commitments. I need to get to work on the class I am taking with Liz Berg and get my studio cleaned and re -arranged.

It is starting to rain ice here I better get some errands done.

Be well, breathe, and I dare you to take some time and move your hips and dance.

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