Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Years

This is the last set of pictures I took from Italy... our bus driver. He was a compelling person to observe. I loved his style and the way he put himself out in the world. It is almost a week later I am still contemplating what his life is like. Have you ever seen a person that made your imagination come alive. This man is bigger than life.
His watch band said Sweet on one side of the watch and Years on the other side.
I wonder what this statement means to him and why he chooses to wear it. His hands are beautiful and graceful and I wondered if he might be a poet, musician or painter. I would not be surprised to find out he was professional thief, a safe cracker or private detective. His name would be something like Taddeo, Luca, Santi, or Federigo.

Like all our bus drivers he talked on the cell phone while he was driving. This drove me nuts! Managing the traffic seemed like enough of a challenge to me without adding the extra distraction of a cell phone.
He picked the cheesiest station on the radio Italian disco music .. very fun!
I am certain he dances ...he whistled and tapped his fingers to every song...possibly a happy man?

I am a photo stalker I have to admit it but this guy was certainly great fuel for my imagination!
All for now.
Dance if you get the chance remember these are the Sweet Years.

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Spillar said...

Hi Jacque,

Oh it sounds like you had a fantastic trip.

I love your feature on your bus driver. It gave me a good chuckle this morning.

Have a great day