Sunday, August 4, 2013

Explorations in Color.

I have been on a mission this summer to make cloth samples from every dye powder on my shelf ... a little bit boring to dye the small one color fabric samples ...but... during the course of the week I play on on a larger piece of cloth mixing and layering colors so I can explore the interactions between multiple colors and removing color

The shapes you see that look like bones ( to me) were created using soy wax for a resist before dyeing with golden yellow and medium blue.

 Over-dyed with fuchsia.

Then I applied Jacquard Discharge Paste in circle shapes using a muffin tin for a stamp. After covering the surface with these wonky looking circles I let the paste dry for a bit then steamed each circle to remove the color. The fuchsia disappeared leaving the underlying colors and was very exciting to watch during the steaming process. Yes Rosie... I was wearing my Darth Vader mask for safety!

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Rosemary Claus-Gray said...

Good to know you wore your Darth Vader mask. This is a beautiful piece, and it is interesting to hear your process. Thanks for sharing it.