Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday in May

Good morning we are having a lovely spring morning in the woods. This is the view from my front porch. The birds are very busy this morning .... so loud!

We have a lot of baby squirrels and one bold mom brings them up on our back porch to eat out of the bird feeder. They are pretty cute so I let them eat their fill. Last week the mom bird of 4 babies was competing with this squirrel for bird seed. She was flying from feeder to nest all week but launched her babies into the world on Thursday. I missed their leaving the nest and felt a bit sad when I realized they were gone and I had missed their first flight.

I have been busy trying to catch up in all the areas of my life that were put on hold while I prepared for "Forces of Nature ". I am not making much progress either. I did go outside and cut back the jungle a bit that was fun. I hadn't done any outside work all spring so it felt good to be out in the sun.

The holiday has been fun and I have done more relaxing than work. We watched a late Cardinal game last night with friends whose company we really enjoy we sat outside at a street table in our little downtown and watched the people go by. We did get to help guide a beautiful young girl into her parking spot. She claimed she lived in the country and NEVER had to parallel park. We came home at 1am.... very late for me.

Today I am getting together with friends to dye fabric or sew we have not decided yet so I'll just load up the van with different things to play with and we will decide when we all get there. We will listen to the Cardinal game no matter what we end up doing.

The new new heater/ AC arrives this coming Friday. We have not needed heat or cooling this past month. It is pretty amazing to see how low our power bill is with no furnace running.

We signed a contract for our basement leak repairs but they will not be able to the work until August 1 so it looks like this house will continue to be tore up well into fall. I am trying to be patient.

I danced 5 days this week and it felt really good and helped me move through my after the show blahs. I am really enjoying Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors Zone Unknown it is just plain fun to dance to.

Happy Memorial Day ... be safe and dance if you get a chance!

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