Thursday, May 1, 2008


Where does time go ? It seems like I just returned from Florida.

I have been busy preparing for my show that opens May 16th at the Governor French Academy
Gallery in downtown Belleville. I will have 3 new works to hang there.

Last I went to Paducah for the quilt show with my friend Nancy who was doing a book signing. She is included in the book ...Sawtooth New Quilts from an old Favorite...she was a finalist. Her quilt is on page 42. It was fun to be her driver and roadie. My other friend Pam was taking her appraisal test and we had fun sharing some meals and stress with her!
I returned from Paducah and helped my daughter get ready for the prom I went to Rend Lake for an artists reception and met 2 very wonderful artists. Sue Spurlock and Karen Linduska we talked a t length about pricing work and what makes art... art.
I enjoyed meeting them and it is good to know they live just an hour away.

This Sunday I'll drive back to Harrisburg for an artists reception and then I'll take my current show down.
I had a root canal and went to a Cardinal game... they won!
That's my busy life... I did dance every day! for at least 15 minutes. I think it helps.
So if you get a chance dance.
Be well!

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Anonymous said...

to dance is to live