Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Monday

Happy Monday!

We woke to a dense fog in the woods this morning. After a wild ride of lightning, rain, and snow this past week the fog seemed fitting... vanilla frosting on the weather cake.

I am happy to report my internal fog has lifted. My 2 week long artistic funk was really trying my patience. I never know what precipitates the sudden collapse of artistic enthusiasm but when it arrives I fear that it will never end. Many artists experience this so I know I am not the only person to stumble into this place. As suddenly as it arrives it is gone and I never know what brings this new creative energy back to me but I was on my knees with gratitude this morning!

I worked on my homework for my online class with Liz Berg this past weekend and enjoyed the process of jumping into color swatches. My scrap baskets were organized in the process this was an added bonus.

The soccer team I sponsor invited me and all the other parents to a soccer game yesterday. I had never played and did not know that you could not use your elbows to hit a ball. Well... you can.... I did .... but you are not supposed to. I also did not know that a body could hurt from the chin down. If I took a poll of the parents who played in yesterday's game I could predict we all took pain reliever this morning.

Question for the day ... can I sit down at George to thread paint on a rear end that hurts as much as mine does this morning?

Until next time...
Remember to breathe !

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