Saturday, February 16, 2008

More on computers

This picture is of me discovering my husband has surprised me with a new laptop being given to me at my surprise birthday party last year. 2 big surprises in one night... not for sissies! No! I am not crying ! Had I known then the trouble that lap top was going to bring me... I would of been.

I had to expand on the subject of computers. My post yesterday was written after a long week full of hair pulling frustration at my computer skills not being up to the job.... more of a vent than a post.

There is a lot to really love about them. The exchange of ideas , communication with loved ones, information gathering, and photo storage to name a short list. You already know these things yourself so I am telling you nothing new here. Learning how to use them is an ongoing effort as the computer world changes all the time I suppose this is part of the frustration for me. One new change for me is using Vista...yes... I am a Vista owner those of you who know are already groaning when I say this. Vista is a whole new world of learning ... mostly learning where things are hidden. There has been some teeth gnashing and tears.

It is like finding that perfect pair of running shoes and then the company upgrades them to something better... but... not better for me. I know these changes in product are all part of marketing but jeez could we live in a world where we make do with what we have for a bit longer. The fact that we can't depend on a product to be built to last but instead buy them built to replace when they break annoys me. The link below tells the story pretty well if you are interested.

Anyway, I have jumped the track of my conversation on computers. I find computers challenging because they are so logical and my brain doesn't follow the logic very well. My husband says I haven't paid my dues yet and that I have to gut it out and learn it by error or take a class and spend the time and money to have someone teach me.

What I would like is an assistant. Someone I could pay to be brilliant at the computer so I could be brilliant at making art. This sounds like the perfect plan to me.

Is it possible for me to be brilliant at computing and creating art at the same time ? I wonder if the two can co exist in my head. I know there are many talented artists who are also computer smart. I wonder how they paid their dues trial and error or the classroom. Trial and error is just not working for me. So it comes down to hiring that brilliant assistant or going to school.

I also know I am not the only artist who struggles to manage the computer skills necessary to
compete in the art world. Thankfully, I have some friends who are computer smart and willing to offer help when I get stuck.... but sometimes the stuck I am in is pretty sticky and they can't even help me because I can't explain what I have done. It is that whole computer language skill either you know it or you don't and if you don't people start talking to you like you are deaf.... louder.... like that will help.

So I am on the hunt for a computer class or a brilliant assistant who wants to put in some computer time for me for not a load of money. Whichever comes first I'll take it.

I better get my back pack ready.

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