Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Good morning... I hope everyone is planning to vote today!

I will vote when I go out for errands this afternoon.

Today will find me finishing up the quilting on 2 pieces from my blackbird series. The next pieces for this series will be in a different color scheme and I look forward to working with some new colors.

In spite of my numerous sore muscles great progress was made on these pieces yesterday. It is so wonderful to have my creative energy back and a body that was able to do the work in spite of sore muscles.... don't get me wrong there was a lot of involuntary groaning throughout the day...really... any time I moved especially if it was sudden.

For fun............
I am participating in a trade put together by Susan Lenz. She will trade either postcards or ATC's. Susan is planning an exhibition with all the traded post cards she receives.

My selection was postcard number 10 ... the card is beautiful and 10 is my lucky number so that made it an easy choice out of the 163 postcards she has made for trading. That is pretty amazing when you think about it... a lot of work and they are all unique and quite pretty.

Work was started on my postcard for trade and it will be mailed today. This is really a great idea! I am tempted to select another postcard because I really enjoy making them but I think I will restrain myself so others can get an opportunity to participate.

Here is the link to Susan Lenz's site for the trade and exhibition.. .

http://cyberfyberex hibition. blogspot. com/

Remember to vote it is important!


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