Saturday, February 23, 2008

Work In Progess

Here is a picture of the new piece I am working on and promised a picture of in yesterday's post.

It is small about 15 x 25. It is hand painted with Tsukineko inks and heavily quilted. I love these inks they are very easy to use.

I am hoping to finish it in time to hang it at my show in Harrisburg.

My friends who went to the Art and Wine festival might recognize it but it has changed a lot.

Naming this little quilt will be fun !

My kitchen is clean and that feels great. The smell of day old stir fry was getting to be a bit much.


Anonymous said...

I like the subtle suggestion of snakes here, ancient symbols of healing and regeneration. The quilt looks like it feels like a healing quilt.

Jacque Davis said...

Thank you for your comment! This piece ended up being titled Spring's Unveiling and I changed it a lot from this picture. I'll post it soon.

Thanks again!