Friday, February 22, 2008

No School ... No Water

We are having our second day in a row of no school and no water. Last night I told my teens ... stay up as late as you want.... hopefully they will sleep until noon so I can get some work done.

I am working on the computer today and I need absolute QUIET! See how I laid out my plan so careful ?
Actually I need more than quiet but quiet really helps!

I plan to update my website photos in my gallery today and I need all brain function focused on that !

Still no water.... the truck slid into the ditch on the way to our house yesterday.

I am hoping we will have water delivered by the time my kids rise today. This is also part of my careful planning.

Still.... if the roads are terrible... I want the delivery man to stay home with his feet up. He is the sweetest guy I hate to think of him out in this weather. If he does deliver it is hot cocoa with marshmallows for him!

I am the challenge host this month at Fast Friday Challenge... my challenge to the group was to save their spam mail for a few days and then make a quilt that represented a subject line that piqued their interest. We have had lots of fun conversation about this. Not all spam is x-rated. I am looking forward to the quilts made. I have already had some .... interesting questions ; )

I am working on an old piece ... something I started in September when I as demonstrating in my booth at the Rend Lake Art and Wine Festival . I sat all day doodling on fabric with inks. I am doing some heavy quilting on this piece. I will post a picture tomorrow.

Be well and enjoy your shower today!

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