Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is my daughter dancing isn't she beautiful !

I have been dancing in the mornings.... what an experience... at first I was totally self conscious which is pretty funny since I was alone with the dogs. The first day I told them " No laughing" They didn't laugh but I am pretty certain Gracie was smiling.

Day four of the morning dance I feel totally amused that Gracie sits and watches everyday. I do wonder what she thinks. I doubt she is judging my movements. It is interesting for me to think that large groups of people are dancing together in prayer. I wonder what the energy in the room is like. One day I'll find out but for now I am pretty happy doing my morning dance all by myself with Gracie watching... and smiling at me.

What I am discovering is that I have been very limited in how I physically move in the world limiting myself out of self consciousness about my body. Much of my dancing feels like an 80's aerobics class.... remember the pony? As I relax into the music and dance without dissecting every move I make I begin to relax and find a way to be with the music which is quite different form dancing in a nightclub or an aerobic class. It is a great metaphor for life how I move in dance reflects how I move in life. Watching my thoughts as I dance is also quite enlightening... I didn't know I had some of those thoughts in me. What I do find is a flexibility happening in my inner world and I am seeing it reflected in my outer world. It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds over time. I am excited about it and how it will affect my work and my feelings about being seen with my work at shows. I am so shy about that. Something tells me it will be a big change.

This morning during the dance I was picturing this glorious art piece in my mind it will be my next piece and I am excited to start it.

Today is my 47th birthday. I had a great dance and morning writing session to start the day. I am taking the day off from work except for the postcard I will make for myself to set my intention to be do something I love every day. I am spending the afternoon with my dear friend we will do whatever I want. Isn't that a wonderful gift she is giving me!

So if you are reading this you know my age ....an age I am thrilled to be!

Don't forget to breathe and if you are brave...put on some music you love close your eyes and move a little you'll be surprised what happens!

Happy Birthday to me!


jenclair said...

Happy Birthday! I can't think of a better way to start your birth day (or any other day) than by dancing! I do this occasionally, but usually spontaneously, especially when listening to Celtic CDs. I like the idea of a morning ritual much better.

Thanks for a post that made me smile and gave me a delightful way to meet the morning!

Jacque Davis said...

Well join me tommorow morning 8:30 I'll be dancing ... Gracie will be smiling! It will be snowing!

Thanks for taking the time to write.


Margaret McDonald said...

Happy 47th. Its a great number -my age too! I'm going to try dancing instead of pilates one morning

Jacque Davis said...

Thanks Maggie!

47 will be a great year! I feel it in my bones. How about you?

If you enjoy Pilates you'll enjoy dancing the rhythms it has that same internal breath and body focus with wilder body movement.